Please join me to make this beautiful gift.

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Please join me to make this beautiful gift. Empty Please join me to make this beautiful gift.

Post  CadenNox on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:51 am

I love James Owen Sullivan with all of my heart and I had an idea that just might be a good way for us all to show our appreciation, love, and dedication.

I want to create a book but I'm going to need your help. Its going to be a scrapbook of sorts. I want a written letters, poems, drawings, stories (non-fiction please), magazine clippings, meet and greet pictures, ANYTHING in memory of our sweet Jimmy. Combine YOUR page in an 8' by 11' format complete with your name, any dates of concerts you went to, and anything else distinguishing yourself. I'll collaborate with my best friend and we will find a way to get it to the other guys. Please send ALL pieces to the email listed below. If you want to physically put your own page together than please shoot me an email and I'll give you my address so you can send me the pages. EVERYTHING must be in by January 30th so we can get it together and send it off to the boys for Jimmy's birthday. I want to show them our support with more than just a few tears and messages on Myspace.

Examples of things that would be awesome:
-Reasons that you loved Jimmy
-Ways they changed your life
-Pictures of tattoos with explanations behind them Avenged related
-Funny stories went you met Jimmy
-How dedicated you were to him

I love you guys with all of my heart and we'll ALL get through this.


The email is:

(Admin... please don't delete this post)

P.S. Please state your full name or desired alias in the subject so it doesn't get all confusing. <3


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