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Post  Malevolent Reverend on Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:47 pm

Want to get some rare and exclusive prizes? Well now you can just by searching the Internet with A7X! We created our very own search site for our fans that awards you with "Swag Bucks." All you have to do is Search with A7X , rack up your "Swag Bucks" and redeem them for prizes such as super exclusive rare posters, autograph items, merchandise, electronics, game systems and limited edition live concert prints!

This isn't some bullshit search site either. When you Search with A7X you get results from Google and So hurry up and make Search with A7X your homepage; or even better, add it to your TOOLBAR for quicker ways to rack up your Swag Bucks.
Malevolent Reverend
Malevolent Reverend
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